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Top 5 Umbreon Pokémon Cards: A Collector's Guide

Discover the top 5 Umbreon Pokémon cards every collector must have in their collection. Learn about their value, rarity, and why they are highly sought after.
Sep 12
min read
Sebastian Louizaire


Pokémon cards have been a staple in the collectibles world since their inception. With a vast array of characters and designs, certain cards have risen above the rest in terms of value and desirability. Among these, the Umbreon cards stand out, especially for collectors. Let's dive into the top 5 Umbreon Pokémon cards that every enthusiast should know about.

Umbreon Card 1: Umbreon Gold Star - Pop Series

The Umbreon Gold Star from the Pop Series is a true gem. Its design showcases Umbreon under a shimmering starry sky, making it a visual treat. Currently, this card is one of the rarest in the market, fetching impressive prices at auctions. Collectors and experts alike rave about its unique artwork and the prestige associated with owning one.

Umbreon Card 2: Umbreon GX Full Art (SM36) - Sun & Moon Black Star Promos

Next on the list is the Umbreon GX Full Art from the Sun & Moon Black Star Promos. This card features a dynamic portrayal of Umbreon, with intricate detailing that makes it stand out. Its rarity is undeniable, and its market value reflects its desirability. Many collectors consider it a must-have, especially given the insights from top Pokémon card aficionados.

Umbreon Card 3: Umbreon Prime - HeartGold & SoulSilver Undaunted Set

The Umbreon Prime from the HeartGold & SoulSilver Undaunted Set is another masterpiece. Its design, which highlights Umbreon's majestic stance, is a favorite among fans. The card's rarity and market value are testament to its significance in the Pokémon card world. Collectors and experts often cite its unique artwork and the prestige of the set it belongs to as reasons for its high demand.

Umbreon Card 4: Umbreon Holo - Neo Discovery 1st Edition Set

From the Neo Discovery 1st Edition Set, the Umbreon Holo card is a classic. Its holographic design, combined with a vintage feel, makes it a sought-after piece. Its rarity in mint condition adds to its market value. Insights from the collector community highlight its nostalgic value and the importance of its set.

Umbreon Card 5: Umbreon & Darkrai Tag Team GX Full Art - Sun & Moon Unified Minds Set

Last but not least, the Umbreon & Darkrai Tag Team GX Full Art from the Sun & Moon Unified Minds Set is a testament to modern card design. It not only features Umbreon but also pairs it with Darkrai, making it a unique collectible. Its market value and rarity are impressive, and experts often recommend it as a valuable addition to any collection.


The world of Pokémon cards is vast, but certain cards, like the top 5 Umbreon cards discussed, hold a special place. Their design, rarity, and market value make them essential for collectors. If you're looking to enhance your collection, these cards are a great place to start. And always remember, while value is important, the joy of collecting and the memories associated with each card are priceless.

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