Trust, Speed, and Minimal Fees: Enjoy the Benefits of Buying
with Arena Club
Discover the Arena Club Advantage
Experience a seamless and secure trading card marketplace. Discover, purchase, and enjoy your cards instantly with minimal costs and maximum transparency.
Benefits for Buyers:
Trust, Speed, and Minimal Fees with Arena Club
Trust: Authenticated, Traceable and Vaulted
At Arena Club, we've redefined trust in the trading card marketplace. Only graded and authenticated cards make it into our marketplace, eliminating the risk of counterfeit cards. With all cards vaulted, you no longer need to rely on seller ratings - every purchase is a secure one. Each card's transaction history is securely stored on the blockchain, tracking its provenance from vault entry to retrieval, enhancing your confidence in your purchases.
Speed: Instant and Efficient
Decisions are made instantly on Arena Club. Comprehensive grading reports and comparative market data allow you to buy with confidence, without ever having to leave the site. Upon purchase, cards are instantly transferred to your showroom. When you're ready for the physical card, enjoy our two-business-day fulfillment guarantee.
Minimal Fees: Fair and Transparent
At Arena Club, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. As a buyer, you only cover the Stripe transaction fee associated with your payment method (credit card or ACH). When you're ready to retrieve your physical cards, the only additional cost is a retrieval fee that covers our fulfillment. Experience the Arena Club advantage today.